10-14 APRIL 2024



The HOMEDesign Home Making Exhibition in 2024 will be held for the 12th time between 10-14 April, which covers the topic of interior design and home decoration as part of the CONSTRUMA Home Making Themed Exhibition Group.

The CONSTRUMA exhibition group is the outstanding home building forum of Hungary and also of the Central and Eastern European region, which is held every year in the spring periode at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

Confident in the strengthening and further development of the closely intertwined areas of the construction industry, building engineering and interior design, we are already working on the preparation of next year’s exhibition group, for which we are already waiting for the exhibitor applications. The necessary documents are available using the button below.



This year, around 500 exhibitors presented their novelties at the prominent construction industry, building engineering and interior design forum of the Central and Eastern European region. In addition to the exhibitor’s offer, the more than 30,000 interested people who visited the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center during the exhibition period were able to participate in numerous professional conferences, presentations, and lectures.

During the opening ceremony on the first day, Mr. Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo Ltd., greeted the gathering, and then Mr. Regő Lánszki, State Secretary for Architecture of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, gave a speech. The CONSTRUMA and HUNGAROTHERM Awards were also presented at the opening ceremony.

Sustainability and energy efficiency were also at the center of HOMEDesign, the defining exhibition of CONSTRUMA’s home-making exhibition bouquet. Many people were interested in the interior of the National Association of Interior Designers, where visitors could see the latest interior design solutions, colors and styles. DESIGNMatrix was a 100 square meter installation in which the designers presented the latest innovations.

Based on the feedback, the conference organized by FABUNIO – Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industry Association, the now traditional WOODLIKE Workshop, and the exhibition called A thousand-colored wood, the aim of which was to present wooden objects made by Hungarian contemporary designers to the general public and the wood industry, were successful with high participation. The Hungarian Design stand and the conference of the Stone Carving Industry Board and stone carving presentation were also very popular.

This year’s professional programs and the exhibition bouquet focused on the challenges of the construction industry of the future – energy efficiency, energy-saving homes and sustainability. Quality and arousing the interest of new generations in construction professions were also prominent topics. There was great interest in the 15th Solar Conference and Solar Race, the competition of solar panel manufacturing specialists. Highlights of the exhibition series included the continuing education courses of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers, the Meeting of Roofing Professionals, and the conference organized by one of the main professional partners of the exhibition series, the National Association of Construction Contractors. The energy consultancy of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, the conference of the Budapest Chamber of Architects and the architectural firms presenting themselves in the framework of the Open Studio further enriched the program offer of the exhibition bouquet.



A key part of the CONSTRUMA assortment, this exhibition features everything from kitchen technology and bathrooms to living rooms and anything else you may need for creating a home interior.

Just as before, the exhibition will also be showcased in a thematized arrangement:

Kitchen: kitchen furniture, kitchen technology

Bathroom: sanitary, cold covering & wellness

Furniture: warm covering, homelighting, fireplaces, interior design furnishings

The thematized arrangement allows visitors to better orient themselves and find more opportunities in the accompanying programmes too.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are the focus of the exhibition and now paramount considerations in the design of our homes. In addition to energy-saving appliances, light sources, heating solutions, smart homes, we can also do a lot for this by creating the right interior.

HOMEDesign lays great emphasis on showcasing interior design trends and Hungary’s design culture. The Association of Hungarian Interior Designers helps us to present the latest interior design solutions, colours  and styles to visitors in a highly impressive, home interior-like environment every year.

The exhibits of the HUNGARIAN DESIGN stand comprise the design products of an entire year, with several creations making their debut here. The stand enables dozens of designers to present themselves each year, thus giving an opportunity to improve the Hungarian design culture.

Organized by FABUNIO, Hungarian Wood and Furniture Industry Association, the conference and other professional programmes, presentations strengthen the exhibition’s professional side with an attention to Hungarian furniture manufacturing, design and training as well.

Beside its presence and practical demonstrations, the National Industry Board of Stone Carvers and Artificial Stone Contractors also organizes professional conferences each year to contribute to the event.