Virtual exhibition

Newly developed project – virtual exhibition

Business needs increased opportunities for personal meetings, conferences, and exhibitions at all times. However, in the current situation due to the epidemic, in addition to the physical appearance of the exhibitions, the demand for new online solutions also increased.

Like all enterprises, HUNGEXPO was looking for new solutions to new challenges. Our main activity is still the organization of on-site exhibitions, for which we have developed regulations aimed at creating conditions with minimal risk.

In addition to the on-site exhibition, we also want to contribute to the business success of our exhibitors by implementing a virtual exhibition that helps to expand it and reach a wider range of visitors.

Virtual exhibition – a breakthrough technology

The virtual exhibition is a user-friendly, innovative website that provides an online meeting point for exhibitors and visitors, as well as potential partners. It can be operated from PC, mobile and tablet and can be used without downloading.

Exhibitors using the new technology:

  • can provide information and downloadable materials about their products and services to countless visitors at the same
  • can continuously monitorthe number and data of the visitors viewing the stand, so they can give them a personalized offer at any time
  • they can also hold a webinar throught the platform

Visitors attending the virtual exhibition:

  • can roam the exhibition area and choose an exhibitor even from your own home or workplace
  • at the exhibitiors stand you can get information based uploaded information materials, videos, pictures and offers
  • can contact the exhibitors and ask for immediate information via chat function, also you can send an e-mail within the system
  • use the chat calendar and book a meeting appointment to the exhibitors