HOMEDesign 11-15 April 2018

CONSTRUMA 2017 – Full of Liveliness

Exhibitors and visitors alike were satisfied upon the closure of the 36th Construma on Sunday. The greatest home making and construction industry assortment of exhibitions of the Central Eastern European region attracted even more visitors than last year, with nearly 60 thousand guests attending the exhibition at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. The first construction industry job fair was highly successful, which was Hungexpo's way of reacting to one of the greatest problems of the industry. More: here

HOMEDesign 2017 - Throwback

The interior styling and design topic was such a significant topic in 2017 so it again could only fit in two pavilions. From the living room to the bathroom and from the pavement to the fireplace the visitors could find everything what they need for their home design. The KITCHEN topic took place in a separate pavilion presenting the newest trend of kitchen design and technology. The Hungarian design trends were be presented at the HUNGARIAN DESIGN stand while at the DOWNLOAD DESIGN KID stand unique furniture designs were be presented for the youth people, which later could be downloaded for free and can be manufactured. The wellknown free counselling for interior design were held by the members of the Hungarian Interior Designers Association.
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Thanks to the trendsetting role of the HOMEDesign exhibition, visitors in 2017 had a chance to encounter the works of young Hungarian designers at the HUNGARIAN DESIGN booth. Professional and public visitors also had a chance to see the works of designers which represent the ethos of the current trends as well as providing substantial or purchasable examples. 

Focus on: design and innovation

From the very beginning, the exhibition has been striving to present Hungarian design trends and high quality subject fields. A growing number of manufacturers and big brands had been presenting their latest developments at the HOMEDesign exhibition.

Because this year is an odd year the HUNGAROTHERM exhibition also joined the exhibition bunch. Therefore the building industry (CONSTRUMA) the HOMEDesign, garden design and maintenance (CONSTRUMA GARDEN) the renewable energies (RENEO) topics together with the building engineering covered all the elements of the Homemaking.

This years novelties in few words:

  • New ECO CITY project, focused on the smart city concept and the transportation challanges of the modern cities
  • HOME OF THE FUTURE project, smart homes
  • CONSTRUMA / HUNGAROTHERM job fair with the cooperation of RANDSTAD Hungary
  • Organized guided tour for professional visitors


Download Design Kid

In 2017 the topic of the Download Design is the young child. 

The download design project was continued! The first open design project of Hungary successfully debuted at the exhibition in 2015, as the result of the unconventional cooperation between the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), the Furniture Association and Hungexpo. Nearly 60 articles were written and 13 free furniture designs were downloaded almost 1000 times from the downloaddesign.hu/en website.  The goal of this cooperation is to provide end users with freely downloaded design furniture plans, in the vein of contemporary open design solutions, which are affordable and can be easily realized within the framework of the Hungarian woodworking industry. While in 2015 the first own home was the topic, in 2016 the coming of the first baby was in the focus of the designers, that’s why it was called Download Design Baby. In 2016 11 furnitures were designed for baby room, espacially for the age of 0-3. In the diverse multifunctional designer pieces.


HOMEDesign KITCHEN – in new, elegant surroundings

The field of kitchen technology and furniture is one of the most dynamically growing subject fields of the HOMEDesign exhibition. In 2016, exhibitors were treated with elegant surroundings in an independent pavilion. This serves to thrust the subject into the limelight, which will be further highlighted with a range of diverse stage events.


Apart from visiting the stands of manufacturers, visitors can take advantage of extra services as well, as provided by HUNGEXPO: free interior design and real estate law counselling can help them realize their ideas.It will take place in the F and G pavilion.


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